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Central Café and Restaurant

Experience one of Europe’s most historical cafes in the heart of Budapest!

Since opening its doors in 1887, the Central Café has welcomed guests to downtown Pest with its traditional Hungarian dishes served up in an elegant Art Nouveau atmosphere. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Central Café became a popular spot for well-known artists, scientists, writers and musicians. Famous novels now read by millions were once conceived at one of our café’s tables (no doubt, under the influence of our robust signature coffee).

Today, Central Café strives to create the same inspiring setting for visitors who want to pen the next great novel or for travelers just looking to relax and unwind; a place where future creatives and businessmen can pour out there thoughts and ideas over delicious cakes and traditional dishes, and where evenings of live music and inspiring cultural events can pave the way for mingling and forging new friendships.

Gastro – Music – Culture: This is the embodiment of the Central Life

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