About us

The Centrál Coffee House was opened in 1887, and was the center of various Hungarian literature and scientific streams throughout the 19thand 20thcentury. Between 1890 and 1945, well-known writers, poets and protectors gathered here to edit literary journals, and it was an important meeting point for scientists, composers and artists, as well.

From 1953, after the reconstruction done after the II World War, it continued its hospitality, and became a canteen for university students, as well as a night-time student club, venue for entertainment and concerts.

This coffee house redolent with age reopened in 2000, to resume its significant spot in Budapest and in gastronomy. The mission of the renewed and reopened Central Coffee House is to deservedly continue the life its ancestor, the historic Centrál Coffee House opened in 1887. It accomplishes the double role of a coffee house: a popular catering spot of great quality, as well as venue for social and cultural programs.

The 132-year-old Centrál Coffee House wishes to recreate the atmosphere of an era which everyone refers to as the golden age of Hungarian gastronomy. The traditions of these years are immortal and live on in the taste and flavour of our dishes up to this day.

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