Breakfast menu


Breakfast is served every day until 11.45 am.


Eggs Benedict   2950.-

Wienerwurst with mustard (available with gluten-free bread)    2450.-

Two pieces of croissant with butter, jam, honey   2750.-

Creamy spinach with egg, Comté cheese (available with gluten-free bread)   2450.-

Vegetarian omelette or scrambled eggs (available with gluten-free bread)   2750.-

baby-spinach, feta cheese, dried tomatoes

Meaty omelette or scrambled eggs with prague ham and bacon   2750.-

Breakfast plate from the larder  2950.-

crescent roll, butter, honey, cottage cheese, homemade jam, brie, soft-boiled egg

English muffin with fried sausage and tomato-beans  2950.-

bacon, egg, fried tomato

Poached eggs with avocado cream (available with gluten-free bread)   2950.-

green herb ricotta, marinated salmon, chia pudding

Ham and eggs, cheese, dried tomatoes and crescent roll  2750.-

Avocado salad with tofu and fruits   2950.-

tapioca pudding, papadam bread (Vegan option)

American pancake with maple syrup and homemade jam   2450.-


Make your own breakfast menu!

Choose from our breakfast offers and create your own menu including a coffee or tea, orange juice,

fresh bread and butter.

Price includes:

a dish of your choice

+ coffee or tea

+ 100% orange juice

+ butter

Breakfast menu 3774 HUF


Our breakfast menu is also available with gluten-free bread.

Dear Customers, please note that we have an additional 13% service charge.


Our prices include VAT.

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