Ristretto 690.-

Espresso 690.-

Espresso macchiato 750.-

Dupla espresso - Doppio 1190.-

Cortado 950.-

Flat white 1190.-

Cappuccino 890.-

Cafè latte 890.-

Latte macchiato 950.-

Wiener melange 950.-

Americano (filter coffee) 690.-

Kapucíner 950.-

Marocchino 950.-

Tiramisu cappuccino 950.-

Árkádia 950.-

Moccacino 950.-




Pesti kávé 1390.-

Coffee of the former owner, Mr. Mészaros, 15 gr coffee pressed, served with our pastry speciality and whipped cream.


Syphon coffee (for two) 2390.-

Siphon was a popular coffee-making device in the first half of the 20th century with the help of which we reveal to you the true essence of coffee, so the preparation turns into real experience.


Centrál kávé 1390.-


100% arabica espresso with almond liqueur, a new dimension of coffee experience, with mildly spicy and silky taste. Served with caramelised walnut and whipped cream.

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