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Centrál Meat pot menu

Beef consommé with home made semolina dumpling

Boiled beef and vegetables with bouillon potatoes and tomato, horse radish sauce

Apple strudel Tirol style


I. category

1. Gem ragout soup with tarragon

Green herb veal rolled with vegetables, served white wine tomato ragout and papardelle

Somlói sponge cake with chestnut


2. Goose soup with matzos dumpling

Roast pig with creamy Brussels sprout and potato “knédli”

“Császármorzsa" with orange – peach marmalade


3. Salmon mousse with mascarpone, lime and home made bread

Crispy duck leg with cabbage strudel and rosemary jus

Blackberry pie


II. category

1. Smoked catfish tartar with vegetables and mustard horse radish sauce

Roast pork stuffed with sausage, served with baked paprika sauce and potato

Chocolate cake


 2. Guinea fowl soup

Deer ragout with morel and sheep cheese “sztrapacska”

Tarte tatin with sour cream ice cream  


3. Beef carpaccio with lentil salad

Grilled pike perch with creamy spinach and parsley potato

Curd cheese dumpling with mint – strawberry ragout


III. category

 1. Crayfish salad with tomato and lemon

 Pumpkin cream soup with truffle and roasted duck slices

Red wine wild - boar chops with blackberry potato dumpling

Lemon mousse


2. Eggplant cream with spicy goat cheese and home made bread

Consommé with meat stuffed ravioli

Beef tournedos with mulberry sauce served with vegetable stuffed savoy cabbage

Opera pancake


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